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Mission Recovery Treatment Center is a drug & alcohol detox rehabilitation center in Laguna Hills, California. We serve individuals struggling with alcohol and/or drug addiction. We also treat co-occurring challenges that often accompany substance use disorders.

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Our programs

The addiction treatment program at Mission Recovery integrates a well-rounded schedule that includes: individual and group therapy sessions, 12-step meetings, social activities, exercise, etc.

Detoxification services

Detoxification is the very first phase in the recovery process.  Once the body and brain begin to be cleansed of the toxins caused by substance abuse, the addict is gradually able to start recovering.


A guest at Mission Recovery is welcomed to a comfortable, drug rehab facility where they enjoy comforts comparable to a high-end home. The grounding process is a crucial step in starting the journey.

Family services

Addiction is a “family disease”. That is, when examining the genetics of the “family tree” of the average alcoholic or drug addict, addiction is often very evident. We offer family therapy and include the family in support groups.

Progressive Treatment Traditional Environment

With the many new breakthrough developments and addiction treatment options now available, no person need be left behind untreated! Though prolonged drug and alcohol abuse is progressive and devistating, a proven program exists that can place this disease in remission virtually every time it is utilized!

Customized Treatment Experience For Each Client

Our residential drug and alcohol treatment program and facilities are designed to be personal and intimate. We know that every individual is different and we believe they deserve the chance to treated as such.  From the time of first contact, you’ll know that devoted and caring recovery experts are working in your best interest.

Co – Occurring Disorders

Many who come to rehab find that they have been “self-medicating” for emotional or psychiatric issues that could be better addressed with other therapeutic or medical protocols. Depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems often accompany addiction. This is likely due to the traumas that a life of addiction can cause. At Mission Recovery ® we treat addiction along with any underlying mental health disorders.

Outings and Activities

Learning to live and thrive in a sober lifestyle can be a challenging breakthrough. We help people embrace the sober lifestyle and teach that recovery can be fun. At Mission Recovery ® we go on all kinds of outings to beaches, movies, bowling, even kart racing at K1! The drug free life can be fun, let us show you how!

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“Mission Recovery helped me get my life back. I was able to take the tools and apply them to my life with their guidance.”

Diana D.

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“My brother was at his bottom and the staff at Mission Recovery helped with his needs and concerns every step of the way.”

Jessica B.

Sister of Client

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