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With a passion for bringing rehabilitation and sanity to those who struggle with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders, the Mission Recovery Treatment Center is uniquely placed to provide cutting-edge rehabilitation services for addicts and their loved ones. Partnering with family and state-of-the-art treatment resources, we provide a proven way that leads to the effective restoration of dignity, health, wellness, and personal integration.

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Our program and facilities are designed to be personal and intimate. From the time of first contact, our devoted and caring recovery experts are working in your best interest.


Our Center has been founded on the fundamental principles of Restoration, Recovery and Renewal. The program offers patient centric substance abuse and mental health program that treats individuals in crisis and the one’s struggling to function on a regular basis.


We understand your confidentiality is an important factor.   Mission Recovery Treatment Center and its team adhere to keeping your stay private.

Our Story

Mission Recovery Treatment Center exists to serve those individuals who are struggling with alcohol and/or drug addiction and the co-occuring challenges that often accompany substance abuse. By providing a full range of individualized services, our clients are provided the opportunity to restore their optimum health, serenity, and dignity. We offer detoxification services and a 30 day residential program. We boast a high staff-to-client ratio. Our unique, comprehensive treatment approach provides biological (medical) stabilization along with the psychological, relational and spiritual support that is required for the recovery of the whole person. Recognizing that addiction impacts the whole family, we provide family support and services geared toward the restoration of strained relationships. Located 20 minutes from renowned Laguna Beach, our elegant home-like setting offers comfortable family-like living. We also take advantage of our southern California environment by providing outings that often include, “beach therapy”, whale-watching, movies, shopping and sports events. 

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