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Detoxification is the very first step in the recovery process.  Once the body and brain begin to be cleansed of the toxins caused by substance abuse, the addict is gradually able to participate in a treatment program for recovery.

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The detox period is one of the most critical in the recovery process, in that life-threatening cravings can be monitored and treated in a safe, comfortable environment.  “Self-detoxing” at home can be very dangerous – especially for alcoholic withdrawal.  At Mission Recovery Treatment Center, we do not believe that a “one-size-fits-all” approach to detox is appropriate for all residents.  A detailed, careful intake process measures the patterns, the nature of drug and alcohol use, emotional and psychological issues and the general health of the individual.



Based on this “intake” procedure conducted upon entry to our program, our treatment team assesses the unique requirements of the individual and creates a comprehensive treatment protocol for the duration of their stay.  Should the addict’s needs be acute, arrangements will be made for the individual to enter one of the local medical detoxification programs – typically a hospital setting.  There, the individual can be given medical support and supervision until they are able to return to us.


The brain is a very delicate organ and detoxification must begin with careful attention to diet, behaviors, therapies and medical protocols (where necessary for stabilization) that support the brain in its progress toward restoration.  The adjustment in the brain and other organs does not occur rapidly. Recovery from the nervous system damage usually required from 6 to 24 months with the assistance of a healthy, comprehensive recovery program.  As we say about the treatment process, “Longer is better”.

It is important that the individual receive detoxification care and a tailored treatment plan.    Because the brain doesn’t acclimate for over a year, we work with our clients in creating a long-term plan for stabilization and growth in recovery.  We are committed to keeping our relationship strong, beyond the formal treatment process through our alumni program, open workshops and local events.

We at Mission Recovery Treatment are committed to a continuum of care that treats the addict seamlessly from “day-one” throughout his formal stay with us – and beyond.

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