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Detoxification is the very first step in the recovery process.  Once the body and brain begin to be cleansed of the toxins caused by substance abuse, the addict is gradually able to participate in a treatment program for recovery.

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The foundation of successful recovery can bring a new start to life. “Self-detoxing” at home can be very dangerous- especially for alcoholic withdrawal. At Mission Recovery Treatment Center, we do not believe that a “one-size-fits-all” approach to detox is appropriate for all residents. Mission Recovery’s program ensures providing each patient individualized evidence-based treatment under 24 x 7 monitoring in a safe and comfortable environment. Our dedicated and expert staff ensures careful intake process, measures the patterns, the nature of drug and alcohol use, and its related emotional, psychological, and general health of the individual. Once the chemicals have been cleansed from their system, we will help them make a smooth transition to the next phase of their recovery program.


Medical Detox Services

The first stage of treatment is the Medical Detox that involves the removal of toxic and dangerous substances from a person’s body while helping them to stabilize both physically and mentally. The treatment provided at our facility is evidence-based, thus monitoring of vital signs and neurological status is done to prevent the adverse effects of withdrawal.

Often uncomfortable and dangerous withdrawal symptoms are followed by cessation of the drug of choice. The long term substance abuse causes the brain to adapt to the substance in question, reducing the presence of certain neurotransmitters, culling cellular receptors, and otherwise changing the way in which brain cells function so that the drug can “fit in” more easily. When the substance in question is no longer available, the brain must struggle to fill the void that the drug left behind. This struggle is what causes withdrawal symptoms.

At times, withdrawals can result in severe conditions that include chills, sleepless nights, crying spells, profuse sweating, and nausea and even put individuals at risk of serious death or serious brain damage. To manage the symptoms, we utilize a progressive medication-assisted detox. The therapists and case managers make the necessary arrangements before the transition of individuals, thus increasing the patient’s chances of completing an entire rehab program successfully.

How Long Does Detox Last?

Detoxification is a highly individualized process, hence, the length of stay is independent of the externally imposed guidelines but is speculated by the individual’s need. A client-specific program could stretch for a month, depending upon the amount of drug utilized, the length of its use, comorbid medical or psychiatric conditions, and the use of multiple illicit drugs. Thus the plan of care suggested may change through the course of treatment, depending upon the progress of the individual.

What’s next after Detox?

To build a sober life, completion of a detox program is the first step towards recovery. The next stage of therapy involves Residential Treatment where the individual can benefit maximum and maintain the health benefits of detoxification and to improve in soberity. To learn more about how our exceptional solutions could benefit you or anyone you care about, contact the admissions team today.

We at Mission Recovery Treatment are committed to a continuum of care that treats the addict seamlessly from “day-one” throughout his formal stay with us – and beyond.

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